Thursday, February 24, 2005

Back from Indiana

Got home Tuesday. It was a long drive home, 10 hours, but Chloe was wonderful. She slept the majority of the way. I kept asking Kieran if she was okay. He got a bit annoyed by my constant worrying. I'm just not used to her being so quiet. She did acquire a cough though and coughed alot on the way home. Wednesday morning the cough sounded really bad so I made an appt. with the pediatrician right away. Turns out she has double ear infections (again) and has RSV. We got a nebulizer last night and she is on breathing treatments every 4 hours. She didn't like the nebulizer at all the first few times but I've discovered that she is fine if you have Teletubbies or Boobah on TV while we do the treatments. It only lasts 4-5 minutes but that is a long time to a 9 month old - especially when you have to hold her arms down the whole time. She is doing better everytime. Now if only she would take her medicine without fighting, I'd be thrilled.

So we have the sick germs in our house again, despite the constant hand washing and heavy lysol use. It baffles me how often she has been sick in her short little life. Oh well, spring is coming and hopefully the virus season will end.

Zachary looks and acts like a normal kid. I saw barely any signs of mood swings. He acts like a normal 4 year old, at least when we are around. He is very loving and sweet and I told him he could come home with me. He was heartbroken when I actually left without him! Cute kid. We've invited both boys (at different times, of course) to visit us this summer. I promised to take them to Camp Snoopy. Maybe Uncle Jason will even take them fishing....

Kieran was invited to his first birthday party, here in Minnesota. It is on Saturday and he is so excited. I suppose we shall head to Wal-Mart now and buy the little guy a gift.


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