Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sunny day...

Sleeping the skies away...on my way to where the air is clean...can you tell me how to get, how to get to seasame street..

Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

We've been blessed with blue skies today and it makes me happy. Our high is 47, low of 28 and I'm thrilled. I think I'll take Chloe for a walk in the stroller before I go to work today. I work at 3pm so I've got plenty of time to enjoy the sun. Maybe we'll even go to the park. That is a major statement when made by someone in Minnesota in February. We've had a mild winter, according to the locals. I can handle this, it is the awful wind chills below zero that freak me out. Other than the brown grass, I am enjoying the winter. I wish it would snow a little more though.

My best friend had a baby the other day, on the 9th to be exact. His name is Kyle Charles Hosford and he's beautiful. He was 10 lbs. 2 oz. and 22 inches long! BIG BOY. Chloe was 10 lbs. when she was 2 months old! She's a peanut for this family though. She's only 18 or 19 lbs. now which can only be explained by the fact that she never stops moving! What a wiggle worm. This kid is always on the go. She sees furniture as a huge fun obstacle course. She crawls underneath and through the high chair and walker all the time. I'll have to post a photo of that. It is so funny. Nothing is keeping this kid down. She will stop and try to stand up, with no assistance too. Slow down, Chloe! She can't do it yet but God help me when she figures it out. I can barely keep up with her now. Her one desire is to get into the dogs' room and play in their water and lick Tessie's ball. Ick! I thought she was part bear because of the growling but now I'm thinking maybe she is actually part dog. Weird kid.

This past week she did two new things. She can drink out of a sippy cup and she now says "ba ba ba ba baa". No mamama mamama on the horizon as of yet. Darnit. This kid is in love with her father. She sees him and giggles and gets so excited. It is very sweet.

Kieran will be playing soccer this spring. I'm trying to talk Jason into coaching since they need coaches pretty bad. What a wonderful thing it would be for them to do together. Kieran really needs some time with Dad, away from the girls and the video games. It is an indoor league so they won't freeze. It starts in April, just after Kung-Fu is over and he's very excited. I think keeping him active is very important and the social interaction is great for him. He is kind of shy, believe it or not. Maybe it is just a stage.

I'm going to be teaching a preschool class at the gym this summer called "Preschool Adventure Days". It is an arts and crafts sort of class lasting 3 hours, twice a week. Kieran will be my helper and Chloe will go to the childcare center. I'm really looking forward to it and I have already started to look for crafts to do with the kids. I'll continue to do b/day parties on the weekends so this will be extra cash for us too.

The kids and I are flying to Texas for Easter and we are so excited. I'm not happy about leaving Jason here alone on a holiday but I'm sure he'll be alright. We don't have anywhere to do an easter egg hunt here anyway. Mom's house will be great for that. I'm really looking foward to it. Once again, it is nice to live closer to home. :)


Blogger Memere Kitty said...

"Sleeping the skies away..."? What does that mean?

Congratulations on the additional duties. Maybe you'll just be running the whole thing some day!

I always knew Chloe was part dog...what else could she be in this family?

I think Jason's coaching soccer is a great idea!

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