Thursday, March 10, 2005

The girl gets clean

So here is the girl doing her very favorite thing. She's adorable, isn't she?

Went to the orthapedist yesterday and all is good. Hip joint is forming well and her femur is continuing to grow. Since she is trying to walk, Dr. Dahl gave us the go ahead to order a lift. So we bought some shoes last night with plenty of growing room and I will drop it off today. It should be ready in a week.

We also went to the Pediatrician yesterday and her breathing is clear. No more RSV! Her ear infections are also gone so she got a clean bill of health. Nevermind the runny nose and sneezing she has developed today...

Kieran has a playdate today and I have to take my darned Driver's license test. Stupid test. I still have my New York license which expires on my 31st b/day - on Saturday. Yes, I waited until the last minute.


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