Monday, March 07, 2005

The Gods of Winter Hate Me

It's bad enough that there hasn't been a ton of snow here in a place that is known for snow and cold. I actually got teased when it snowed recently and collected a decent amount, though not enough to really get out there and try snowshoes or do some cross-country skiing. But then, I get a kick to the groin when it gets up to almost 60 yesterday, melts all the snow we actually managed to accumulate and then dropped down into the 20s the next day. It flurried a little bit this morning, but not much. So, I lost all the snow I had and I have none to replace it. The one good thing about yesterday's warm up is I got all excited about doing some overnight camping when it gets warmer.

I got my dividend check from REI and went and bought an LED headlamp with it. It was fun seeing all the gear. All I really need for hikes in the summer are a short sleeve non-cotton hiking shirt, a lightweight pot for boiling water (saw one at REI for 40 bucks), and a pair of low top hiking shoes that are breathable (my insulated hiking boots were murder on my feet in Alaska).


Blogger Memere Kitty said...

You need ankle support! Forty dollars for a pot?!?

7:43 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

You only need ankle support when you are in rugged and/or elevated terrain. I live in neither. The pot is super light weight, but strong. It is made of titanium.

7:46 PM  

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