Monday, March 14, 2005

Yoga and Star Wars

I have done some fitness yoga the past couple of weeks and I have to say I enjoy it very much (and not for the reason you would think, which is the fact that I am surrounded by super bendy women). The session lasts an hour and the one I go to is every Sunday morning. The guy who leads it also has a running store, so I know where to go when I decide to replace my current shoes.

I had been thinking of yoga ever since I went to Israel and saw some people doing it on the beach when I was jogging in the mornings. Of course, they had a great place to do it, being on the Mediterranean Sea and all, but I am content to do it at the gym. Plus, it is fitness yoga and it is a nice workout. I am not very bendy myself, so I have troubles with some of the things that require you to be able to bend over and touch the floor with your hands. I have to cheat a little, but that will come in time, I hope. I have impressed myself with the ability to do this one pose called "Crow" which involves....well, it's hard to describe.

Last Thursday, the new Star Wars Episode III trailer was shown after The O.C. I set Tivo up, but Fox put it late enough in the broadcast that it cut off the ending, so I had to go track it down off the Internet. It is a very nice trailer and the movie looks like it is going to be really good. It definitely looks pretty dark and George Lucas is saying it will probably be rated PG-13, which would be the first Star Wars movie to be rated over PG. I am still taking Kieran, regardless.

A lot of Star Wars fans hate the first two prequels, but I actually enjoy them. I will say that Episode I is probably the weakest of all the Star Wars movies, but I think it was more of a setup movie for the rest of the story. So, it wasn't very action packed or wonderful or anything, but more of a necessary evil for getting to the juicier bits of the story like we will see in Episode III where Anakin finally turns to the dark side and starts exterminating all the Jedi.

Oh, I also have the backpacking bug bad right now, which isn't good since we still have some winter left to go through. I kind of feel ripped off this winter, so I figure we might as well just get past it and try again next year. I wouldn't mind if we suddenly had an unseasonably warm March and April.


Blogger Memere Kitty said...

Tai Chi's also very good.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason...Jason...Jason... Star Wars? Are you still nerding out even in Minnesota? I had such high hopes for you :) I guess I can forgive you this once as long as you promise not to camp out like the hard core nerds.

Rice Patty

5:57 PM  

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