Friday, April 29, 2005

Just when you think they are well

Why do kids get sick all the time? For Christ's sake. Chloe is back to coughing up a lung and Kieran is finally getting over his strep throat. What a crappy, germy week it has been for all at our "villa".

The girl has been sleeping with Jason and I which isn't the most comfortable of situations. I do have to admit it is funny when she climbs up on Jason at 1am in a last ditch effort to avoid sleep. I don't know if it even wakes him up but it is funny to see a sleepy little girl climbing daddy's back with her eyes 3/4 shut.
On the down side of this sick thing, it sucks to be a human kleenex. I have more snot trails on my shirt from this kid than I have hairs on my head. I also hate forcing the nebulizer to my little girl's mouth. She isn't particularly fond of it and it looks like some sort of homemade crack pipe.

Chloe turns the big ol' 1 next week and I'm just wondering where the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday I was starring at the bottle of castor oil above my refrigerator and wondering how quickly it could send me into labor if I drank it. Ah, the sweet memories of those last few days before my little angel was born. I was so damned anxious to get her outta there. I suppose I just wanted to see that she was okay for myself. Boy is she. Not only is she okay but I think she is the toughest kid I know. When we were in Texas, her grandpa thought her mischievous ways were cute so he'd often say to her "raise hell, girl!" Yup, that is exactly what she plans to do. (I say this while she is trying desperately to bite my toe - again. OUCH!)


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