Tuesday, July 12, 2005

5 days and still no dates...

I have been in Israel for 5 days now and the maid still hasn't brought any dates to my hotel room. Roberto, my co-worker has his, and I am without. All hell will break loose. The problem is I feel silly going to the front desk asking for my box of dates and I never see the maid, since I am at the office when she drops by.

I am still enjoying my time here in Israel, but I am anxious to see the family and get back home. Also, NCAA 2006 is out for the XBox, so I would like to pick that up and get some LSU football going. That and the new Harry Potter book come out this week, though I am not sure I will get the book just yet, since I have been reading my CCNP book.

Well, I should probably start paying attention in this meeting. I am currently in a room with people from the following countries: China, Russia (though he lives in Singapore), Finland (though he lives in Spain), Germany, England (though she lives in Israel), India (though he lives in Japan), and the U.S. (he is Puerto Rican). Certainly an interesting meeting.


Blogger Memere Kitty said...

"Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?" - Carole King

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anne said...

JASON !!!!
I know all these people, and I catch you while you were not working !!!
I will tell it ...

2:05 PM  

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