Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hot freaking summer

Minnesota is experiencing a heat wave. Here is a bit I copied from our local NBC affiliate:
To give you an idea of just how hot it has been lately, consider this:

It hasn't been below 70 in the Metro since July 8th.

The last time we saw eight consecutive days without rain and temperatures this high was 1936.

The longest stretch the state has ever gone with without rain is 14 days. That was 70 years ago.

So yeah, it has been hot. I was babysitting three kids (in addition to my 2) on Friday morning so I decided to have a Waterpalooza. It was 80 degrees by 10am! We set up two blow up pools, the slip n slide and Chloe's new water/sand table. There were squirt guns, buckets, and other various means for carrying and splashing water. The kids had a blast but it was exhausting heat. Chloe had had it after an hour so she zonked out for a nap by 11 am. That was great because she didn't wake up until 2:30!

Today I am going to my Mom's Club Dish Up. We are preparing 5 meals for $50. It is a really cool and economical idea some gals in my group had. We hold it at my "villa" clubhouse. So I'm looking forward to that.

I'm so glad Jason is home, although I am really irritated with hearing him complain about gaining weight. I know it is frustrating to gain back weight that you have worked so hard to lose but I have so far to go that I'm just jealous. He does seem to gain really easily but he still looks fabulous. Today he is running for 2 hours - which is just insane. I can't imagine that. The marathon is in Ocotober so he has a lot of training ahead of him still. I've decided to start running again in the Fall. I'm going to try to drop 15 or 20 lbs. first so my hips don't hurt so much. Mabye by this time next year I'll be running a 3-5K. One can dream.


Blogger Memere Kitty said...

Hot? Those people don't know ANYTHING about hot!

But, I see the Barr tradition goes unbroken. You guys bring the worst weather in decades everywhere you go!

9:27 AM  

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