Monday, July 25, 2005

Marathon training update

Marathon training is still coming along fine. On Saturday, I ran 13 miles, which is half of the marathon. The week before I had trouble running the 12 miles and was worried that maybe I wasn't cut out for this. However, I thin it must hav ebeen due ot being jet lagged coming back from Israel, because I really had no problems doing the run this time. This week, I come down in mileage for my long run to 10 miles, but then next week I jump up to 15. I guess the program has you come down to give you some extra rest for when you make the big jump. So far this program has worked out for me, so I have no doubts it will see me through until October 2nd. Oh, by the way, carrying 2 hours worth of sweat on you is not fun for when you finish the run. I really need to get me some non-cotton running clothes.


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