Saturday, August 06, 2005

More Marathon Madness

Well, I just got back from today's long run. I did 15 miles and boy are my legs tired. The pessimist in me wonders how I am going to make it the whole 26 miles, but I guess you don't really start to hurt until you stop running, so I am sure I will be fine. I have met all my goals so far, so I have every reason to be optimistic.

One thing that helps me through the long runs is my iPod. I download podcasts, which are (usually) independently done talk shows on whatever topic the podcaster chooses. Since I am a nerd, I tend to listen to ones on science, technology, and video games. Right now, I listen to This Week in Tech (TWiT), This Week in Science (TWiS), and Orange Lounge Radio as my main ones, with some other shorter ones that I listen to.

Since I switched over to Gentoo Linux as my main OS now on my desktop (I have a Linux/Windows XP dual boot now and only go into Windows to play World of Warcraft because WoW doesn't run as well through emulation as it does in Windows with the horrible ATI Linux drivers), I had to look for some good iTunes alternatives. I use two programs, now, because the one I use for my songs database, GTKPod, doesn't support podcasts. So, I use iPodder for loading the RSS feeds to get my weekly podcasts. All in all, it is a good system and I need to write a script that cleans out the old podcasts more efficiently than me going into each of my folders and deleting them myself. I have to research and see if I can delete things by date with the rm command in Linux. But, I am rambling and most people are scratching their heads, so I will stop for now.


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