Monday, October 03, 2005

Well, I did it

As Ashley has posted, I managed to complete my first marathon. My finishing time was 4:10:19. My over optimistic goal was 4:00 and my realistic goal was 4:30, so I came in between. Chloe got me sick on Saturday and I only got about 5 hours of sleep the night before the race, so I think it was good considering I was sick and tired. I actually kept my 4:00 pace going until mile 17, when I just couldn't hold going to the bathroom anymore (nerves make you have to pee) and broke down and used the port-a-potty. After that, it was never the same and with miles 20-23 being basically uphill, I lost a good deal of time.

One funny story I have from the race is that I almost lost my wedding ring during it. Around mile 6 or 7, I had pulled out some of the Clif Shots gel stuff to get some energy. The stuff is very sticky (think honey) and it was all over my hands. I suffered for a bit, but then I couldn't take it anymore, so since my shirt was full of sweat, I used it to clean my hands. Well, I accidentally pulled the ring off my finger (it is loose since I have lost so much weight since we got married) and it started bouncing on the ground. Someone kicked it ahead of me and then someone else kicked it off to the side of the road where it stopped just in front of a drain. So, luckily, I was able to pick it up and keep running, without really losing much ground from my pace. More importantly, without losing the ring.

Some interesting observations from the marathon:

The course goes through some really nice neighborhoods. Some of the houses I saw were very beautiful. The Twin Cities Marathon markets itself as the most beautiful urban marathon and while I don't know how it compares to others, I can definitely say it was very nice going by all the lakes, going through the nice neighborhoods, and seeing the trees with the leaves which had started to change colors.

People are very nice. There were lots of spectators in the later miles with trays of cut up oranges and bananas and people with bowls of Jolly Ranchers, M&M's, and Tootsie Rolls. Those people really help you out when you need just a little bit of energy and they make you feel good. Also, all the people cheering really help out as well.

People will party for anything. I thought it was amusing seeing all the marathon parties people were holding on their lawns. I saw one group of people drinking mimosas. People will celebrate whatever, which is good, I suppose. Like I said, it is nice when they cheer when you run by.

Oh, one other thing that was nice for the marathon is they organized it so that there was a musical act about every 2 miles. They ranged from Japanese drummers to polka bands, to rock bands. The music was very nice and helped with the run. There were also just people standing out there by themselves playing instruments every once in a while. I passed a couple of lone bagpipers, a guy with a tuba, a kid with a trumpet, etc. All of these people helped to make the run a great experience.

So, now that I have done a marathon, I was thinking of working on doing some triathlons next year. However, next year is the 25th Twin Cities Marathon, so I might feel the call lure me in. We will see.


Blogger Memere Kitty said...

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9:19 PM  
Blogger Memere Kitty said...

So, you're sick AND tired!

Congratulations - sure wish we could have been there.

But it just proves that when you set your mind to it, you can do ANYTHING!

Love you!

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing!! Congratulations Jason!! I can't believe that is the same Jason who lived in Buffalo just a short time ago. What an inspiration!!

Jen ~ w/4 Lads & a Lady

6:59 PM  
Blogger Casey said...

Congrats man! I ran the TCM and my chip time was 4:07:06! we must have been fairly close. It was my first as well. Nice to hear how others liked the race. I had a blast!
By the way, the guy playing the tuba was Vikings great Alan Page. What a great event!

1:25 PM  

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