Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fat Tuesday

The Barr Family hosted a little Mardi Gras shindig last night here at the Clubhouse of our townhome complex. I think it was a success, there was lots of eating, laughing and aimless running around by the kiddos. We even had the masks, beads and goofy headwear. My only regret is that I pulled out the camera very late in the evening after most of the guests had left. Sorry everyone! At least I got a few shots.

Enjoy the pix.

Here's Kieran making some sort of weapon out of tinker toys.

Eric looking very scary in this mask.

Chloe looks so cute in her derby.

Rilie, Anna and Kieran are ready for a parade.

Steph and I keeping our shirts on. You are welcome, world.

The Schutrop family discovers Southerners are actually very odd.

Steph, Eric & Alicia admiring Eric's glory day photos.

The two dorks, Jason and Eric.


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