Friday, October 06, 2006

Tim's Big Promotion

Congratulations to my brother Tim - he made Commander as of October 1st. The kids and I drove the 11 hour trek to Indiana to celebrate. My parents and Marcus joined us and we had a blast. After Tyce "pinned" Tim, we had a big party and enjoyed Tim & Tiffany's HUGE backyard. It was a wonderful day!

During the Pinning ceremony, Tori had no idea what was going on so she decided to just hide. It was hilarious!

Tim and his boys Zack and Josh.

We got Tim a cake that said "Crusin' Commander". Tori enjoyed it thoroughly. She wore more of it than she ate.

Chloe is thrilled to have stolen the ball from Tori in the above photo.

Me and my bros.

This was taken on our way to Indiana when we drove through the Big Cheesy state of Wisconsin. :) It is amazing how many cheese stores you see.


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