Monday, January 08, 2007


Good evening from Greece!
I'm writing from the hotel room, jet lagged but thrilled to be here. Greece is everything I had hoped and more. Jason and his colleagues are busy working everyday from 8am to 8pm so I'm on my own. They are very jealous and give me all sorts of slack at mealtimes.

Day one was spent soaking up the city of Athens. I took a half day tour in the morning of the city's major monuments. I saw the Olympic Stadium where the very first Olympics took place. Then we went to the Temple of Zeus (see photo to the left) and then on to the Acropolis. I was very lucky and had a very nice, very knowledgeable tour guide. She speaks 5 languages and has a background in Archeology. So she was pretty smart and had an answer for all of my many questions. The next photo is overlooking the city from the Acropolis (meaning is "top of the city).

I left the tour to meet the worker bees for lunch. Jason had a lunch meeting so I visited with his colleagues over Dolmas and loads of feta and other wonderful cheeses. I retired to my room for a short siesta and was out on the subway, navigating Athens on my own. I went to Plaka and found a great flea market and I purchased a few treasures. I stopped in the town square to sketch a little which was a great opportunity to observe. The Greeks can spot an American from a mile away so I got a lot of stares. They all speak English which is nice and I am feeling very under dressed here. The women are very European with a sleek, Sex in the City feel. High heels, sexy boots and tight expensive jeans. Oh well. I'm happy in my sneakers and Target jeans. :)

The food has been fabulous and I have much more to say, but it is time for our next tour. So long for now.


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