Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our New Home

After an exhausting three days and 40 plus houses, we found our dream home. To my surprise, it is a new home. I wanted an existing home for the mature trees, established yard, and many other reasons but the home we found is just "us". We even changed cities - we wanted to live in Parker, or so we thought. But after a drive to Castle Rock, just to see what it was like, we fell in love. It is exactly what I wanted in a town. Rolling hills, mountains all around in the distance, a downtown that is all locally owned and operated with lots of hippies and weirdos like us. :)

What is really funny is that we kind of found it by accident. It was not on our list of homes to see, we literally stumbled upon it. We had found 2 homes that we liked but didn't LOVE, due to small things like no A/C, tiny yard etc. I was feeling really disappointed that we would just have to settle. The yards in Colorado are really small but the homes are quite large. So I was just mulling this over in my mind when I said to the realtor "should we just look at some new homes just to see what they have?" and we were in front of a development that had some awesome houses (out of price range, I might add). And the realtor said that we should go in and see what they have. So we did. Initially, the salesman in the office said we should probably go to their next tier down for homes in our range. On our way out the door, he said that he might have something we'd be interested in, in this area. He made sure we realized what a special case this was - it was a smaller home they had to but in this area of huge homes because they didn't have room for the planned home on this corner lot. So they just put the less expensive home on this lot with tons of awesome upgrades.

The upgrades are, art niches, tray ceilings, walnut flooring downstairs, upgraded carpet, alder cabinets, master suite with BEAUTIFUL tile bathroom, oversized lot, appliances and granite countertops. We loved it and our offer was accepted yesterday. :)

So we move in around the 2nd of August after a visit with my parents in Texas. We can't wait to get in and I'm not even bothered by the lack of trees or the fact that I have to put blinds in all of the windows. I'm so in love with the home that I just don't care. I think this is meant to be and we couldn't be happier!

Here it is:


Anonymous Ron (aka Paco) said...

Hey Guys! Grats on your new home! I'm so excited that you're about 500 mi. closer to us and in a far more hospitable climate.

I can't wait to see you guys again, it's been too long.

If you're craving the mature trees, look into having them craned in from a nursery. keep looking, you might even be able to find someone trying to unload one for free.

I put up a note on my landscaper's bulletin board fer ya ;)

8:47 AM  

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