Friday, August 24, 2007

Rocky Mountain National Park

We drove out to the park on Sunday and had such a wonderful time. It definitely was a reminder as to why we moved all the way out here. The drive alone was gorgeous but the park was amazing.

My mountain man and a little girl who NEVER smiles at the camera. Seriously, it took like 15 shots and a handful of threats to get her to smile for this photo.

Here's a chipmunk who was only 3 feet from me. He looked at me very expectantly, like "hey, I'm cute, don't I get a cracker or something??"

And then you've got our friend the magpie who was very gutsy. He came up under our picnic table while we were eating to snatch Chloe's dropped grapes.

Stopping for a break amongst the rocks.

It is pretty obvious when you are there why they call it the Rocky Mountains.


Blogger Rachel said...

Looks beautiful! When can we come visit :)

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Lourdes said...

I LOVE rocks!! IT really does look gorgeous, especially the ravine with all those pretty stones. I think Chloe just needs a new person to take her pictures. She usually smiled for me...she's just putting you on, deep down she just wants to hold your interest so you keep taking pictures of her:)

Rock on my friends!!


11:01 AM  

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