Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Update on the Family

We're back in Colorado after 2 weeks in Minnesota. Chloe's hip surgery went really well and she tolerated all of the Doctors and nurses quite well. Although she did say that she didn't like the doctor because he gave her ouchies. :( She is on the mend and is happy to be home, even if she is stuck on the couch most of the time. Here's proof that she's doing well:

She has a metal plate in her leg and 6 screws but didn't set off the metal detector at the airport! Hooray! here's her incision:

We've got an appt. with a Colorado Dr. at the end of the month to take an X-Ray to see how everything is healing up and then we'll schedule the next surgery. We're thinking it will be at the end of March. The upcoming surgery is the big one - the first lengthening. So stay tuned!

Jason caught some sort of bug at the tail end of our trip and has generously passed it on to me. So I'm feeling uber icky. But I did manage to finish up a commissioned painting of yet another dog. Here is the late Precious.

Kieran is bored out of his mind and decided to paint with mom today. It was fun to work together and now Chloe is demanding her water colors.

Jason went out of town briefly and will be home tonight - thank goodness. This flu (or whatever it is) is kicking my butt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hope your daughter is ok. i had to have a plate and screws in my leg about 2 years back and it hurt so bad. i can only hope that she didnt have as much pain as i did. but hope everything is going good.

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:12 PM  

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