Friday, June 27, 2008

I've Been Everywhere, Man

I've always like that song that Johnny Cash sang called "I've Been Everywhere." Basically it's about a guy who has traveled every road in the U.S. I wouldn't say it inspired me to want to travel and visit every state in the U.S., but I think it's a nice song that sums up that desire.

It all started when I was born in Tennessee and then moved to Virginia within about a year. From then on, throughout my childhood I basically covered the old Confederate states of the deep South. Then, after a lengthy college career I moved over to Texas and from there began work to basically hit all the other states within about a 10 year span of time.

I was in Philadelphia this week for work and drove down to Delaware to complete the 50 state journey. I celebrated with some lobster and called it done. It's kind of ironic that the 50th state I visited was the 1st state to form the U.S.

So, since lists are always fun, I figured I would put down my top 5 favorite states:

  1. Alaska - This place is just incredible. I would totally live here if Ashley and employment would allow.
  2. Colorado - The place that Ashley and I worked so hard to get to and where I currently live and hope to stay. Great weather and beautiful views.
  3. Oregon - Kind of a lucky break to get a chance to move out there and an unlucky break that caused me to leave. Absolutely beautiful place that has it all: mountains, ocean, high desert, etc.
  4. Wyoming - Really just the western part where Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons reside, but those places make up for the flatness of the eastern part.
  5. Virginia - I struggled between Montana and Virginia for this part. I have enough mountain west states and Virginia has some mountains of their own, plus beaches, plus a history that is the history of the U.S. itself. Very cool place for the history.
So, now that I've wrapped up the U.S., I guess I should move onto the world. I don't think I will ever have a chance to visit every country out there (and some I probably don't want to), but I have a start with Canada, Mexico, Curacao, France, Holland, Israel, Greece, and Germany. It's a decent start, but I have a long way to go.


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