Monday, September 22, 2008

I thought running was hard

In all my years of trying new sports, I have to say the one that has remained the hardest to me is biking. Like childbirth, I think I block out just how difficult it is in between rides. Obviously, my rides are spread far apart.
With my last ride being about 2 months ago, I figured I could hack it and today I was talked into riding with my two of my friends just around my neighborhood. Sounds harmless enough, right? Well, if you have ever been to my neighborhood, you would know that it ain't flat. No way, dude.

Armed with my pink water bottle (filled with a gatorade like concoction), my helmet, and my sporty sunglasses, I was off. I thought that the fact that I had pumped up my tires to maximum PSI would help, the bike actually seemed to ride a little easier. The youngest of the three riders, I thought I'd do fine. So we started out pretty good. A few miles into it, I thought it wasn't so bad. Then came the stretch known as Coachline Rd. which is about a mile uphill - all the way up. Not extremely steep, more like deceptively steep. You don't realize how much altitude you are gaining as you pedal. Like bullets from a sad little gun, my sweat shot off of my forehead and onto my face and shirt. I was hurting. After several minutes of agony which felt like hours, I reached the top of the hill to meet my two smiling friends. They had waited for me and I was exhausted! I had no idea this was going to be such a rough hill. My reward was first position as we flew back down the hill and headed towards the main road again. That was fun!

I thought the worst was over. I was proud of myself and I was gloating a little and celebrating alot - in my head of course. Then there was Foothills Rd. Ugh.... worse than Coachline, my friends. It was evil, pure evil. Do not let its convenient location to the Rock Church fool you. There is nothing heavenly or even close to kind about this hill. It wreaks doom and devastation. I was practically puking as I clawed my way up that hill. I had to stop once and take a water break and walk for about a minute or so towards the top. Again, my smiling friends waited ever so patiently at the top. This time, I was done.

They went on to do the 3 mile run since one of them is doing a dual-athalon this weekend. We should've done a 12 mile ride to properly train for that but the wind and the hills were fighting us today. My head is hanging in shame even though I know I should be proud of my accomplishment today. I just realize how much further I have to go. If only it was just a 5K I had to train for....


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