Thursday, February 24, 2005

Back from Indiana

Got home Tuesday. It was a long drive home, 10 hours, but Chloe was wonderful. She slept the majority of the way. I kept asking Kieran if she was okay. He got a bit annoyed by my constant worrying. I'm just not used to her being so quiet. She did acquire a cough though and coughed alot on the way home. Wednesday morning the cough sounded really bad so I made an appt. with the pediatrician right away. Turns out she has double ear infections (again) and has RSV. We got a nebulizer last night and she is on breathing treatments every 4 hours. She didn't like the nebulizer at all the first few times but I've discovered that she is fine if you have Teletubbies or Boobah on TV while we do the treatments. It only lasts 4-5 minutes but that is a long time to a 9 month old - especially when you have to hold her arms down the whole time. She is doing better everytime. Now if only she would take her medicine without fighting, I'd be thrilled.

So we have the sick germs in our house again, despite the constant hand washing and heavy lysol use. It baffles me how often she has been sick in her short little life. Oh well, spring is coming and hopefully the virus season will end.

Zachary looks and acts like a normal kid. I saw barely any signs of mood swings. He acts like a normal 4 year old, at least when we are around. He is very loving and sweet and I told him he could come home with me. He was heartbroken when I actually left without him! Cute kid. We've invited both boys (at different times, of course) to visit us this summer. I promised to take them to Camp Snoopy. Maybe Uncle Jason will even take them fishing....

Kieran was invited to his first birthday party, here in Minnesota. It is on Saturday and he is so excited. I suppose we shall head to Wal-Mart now and buy the little guy a gift.

Friday, February 18, 2005

8 Miles

Decided to try to outdo myself and upped my running to 8 miles. Worked out pretty good and I actually think I could have run further had I really wanted to. It is amazing how I have gone from weighing 325 pounds and having it be hard to hike 8 miles to being able to run that same distance in a little over an hour. All that in under a year and a half of time.

I am not sure what it is I like about running. I actually hate it and love it at the same time. I love it because it allows me to push myself, but at the same time, it is a struggle I go through every over night where I want to quit half way in. I guess I stick with it because it makes me feel very confident and I really feel like I have accomplished something when I have finished. Plus, it has really helped me get in the best shape of my life.

I do need to buy some new shoes, though, as I think I have worn mine down. It is hard for me to convince myself to pay 80 bucks for shoes, though, even though they really help my legs.

When I found out about a 5K in the spring, I will start cutting down the distance and instead up my speed. The fastest that I have run 6.5 miles was doing an 8 minute mile. Lately, I have cut back down to an 8.5 minute mile to allow me to run farther. I figure when I do cut back to maybe 3.25 miles, I should be able to run it much faster.

Bachelor for a weekend

Well, Ashley has taken the kids off to visit Tim in Indiana and she left last night, so I am wifeless and kidless until Monday. Just me and the dogs and no worries (well, other than letting the dogs out periodically). Of course, I will be excited to see them return, but to not have a growling baby in the house who doesn't really like to sleep sounds like heaven for a brief time. So, it will be just me and Everquest 2 this weekend, I am sure, with small breaks to scrounge some food up. Should be fun.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

New Milestone

Well, I managed to run 7 miles last night. That is the farthest distance I have run since I started running almost a year ago. Now, if I can string together another 3 of those, I can run a marathon. Yeah, right. I remember when I thought I could never run more than 2 miles and never faster than a 6-minute mile. I proved myself wrong then, but I really can't imagine running 26 miles, much less the 13 that it takes for a half marathon. Come spring, I think I will sign up for a 5K run. I will be great to get a t-shirt and go out there with other runners. The great part is I don't think I would even come in last or anything since I am running an 8-minute mile now. My one fear, though, is that since I don't have the treadmill to pace myself, that I will run too fast or too unevenly and then be on the edge of collapse a mile in.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sunny day...

Sleeping the skies away...on my way to where the air is clean...can you tell me how to get, how to get to seasame street..

Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

We've been blessed with blue skies today and it makes me happy. Our high is 47, low of 28 and I'm thrilled. I think I'll take Chloe for a walk in the stroller before I go to work today. I work at 3pm so I've got plenty of time to enjoy the sun. Maybe we'll even go to the park. That is a major statement when made by someone in Minnesota in February. We've had a mild winter, according to the locals. I can handle this, it is the awful wind chills below zero that freak me out. Other than the brown grass, I am enjoying the winter. I wish it would snow a little more though.

My best friend had a baby the other day, on the 9th to be exact. His name is Kyle Charles Hosford and he's beautiful. He was 10 lbs. 2 oz. and 22 inches long! BIG BOY. Chloe was 10 lbs. when she was 2 months old! She's a peanut for this family though. She's only 18 or 19 lbs. now which can only be explained by the fact that she never stops moving! What a wiggle worm. This kid is always on the go. She sees furniture as a huge fun obstacle course. She crawls underneath and through the high chair and walker all the time. I'll have to post a photo of that. It is so funny. Nothing is keeping this kid down. She will stop and try to stand up, with no assistance too. Slow down, Chloe! She can't do it yet but God help me when she figures it out. I can barely keep up with her now. Her one desire is to get into the dogs' room and play in their water and lick Tessie's ball. Ick! I thought she was part bear because of the growling but now I'm thinking maybe she is actually part dog. Weird kid.

This past week she did two new things. She can drink out of a sippy cup and she now says "ba ba ba ba baa". No mamama mamama on the horizon as of yet. Darnit. This kid is in love with her father. She sees him and giggles and gets so excited. It is very sweet.

Kieran will be playing soccer this spring. I'm trying to talk Jason into coaching since they need coaches pretty bad. What a wonderful thing it would be for them to do together. Kieran really needs some time with Dad, away from the girls and the video games. It is an indoor league so they won't freeze. It starts in April, just after Kung-Fu is over and he's very excited. I think keeping him active is very important and the social interaction is great for him. He is kind of shy, believe it or not. Maybe it is just a stage.

I'm going to be teaching a preschool class at the gym this summer called "Preschool Adventure Days". It is an arts and crafts sort of class lasting 3 hours, twice a week. Kieran will be my helper and Chloe will go to the childcare center. I'm really looking forward to it and I have already started to look for crafts to do with the kids. I'll continue to do b/day parties on the weekends so this will be extra cash for us too.

The kids and I are flying to Texas for Easter and we are so excited. I'm not happy about leaving Jason here alone on a holiday but I'm sure he'll be alright. We don't have anywhere to do an easter egg hunt here anyway. Mom's house will be great for that. I'm really looking foward to it. Once again, it is nice to live closer to home. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2005


It seems that ever since we've moved back into the central time zone, we've made an extra effort to get together with family. I'm so thankful that we are able to do that again. Oregon was so far away. Now that we are here, I fully appreciate the ability to hop in the car and be with family within less than 24 hours, if needed.

So once again, I'm off to my brother's house next weekend, the 18th. I wish it were under better circumstances though. It seems that his son Zach has some new symptoms related to his nevus that are quite problematic. He's had headaches and extreme mood swings and even worse, his nevus has changed colors. The ridge at the base of his skull is more pronounced and he has blood spots in his eyes. He also is very pale with purple-ish rings under his eyes and he isn't sleeping well.

Tim and Tiffany made an appointment with the neurologist this past Wednesday. The doctor didn't seem too concerned initally but he isn't that familiar with Zach's condition. He sent the information to a Pediatric Radiologist along with an MRI from this past summer and the Radiologist is very concerned. So concerned that he called the Dr. and said they should schedule another MRI, ASAP. Zach goes in tomorrow morning for his 3rd MRI. They have to put him to sleep for it, MRIs are just scary.

I feel so awful for this kid. The urgency of this follow-up MRI has my brother so nervous. He knows that this is serious and because of his profession and his rapport with Zach's Dr., he knows more than the rest of us. Tim is afraid that it is a tumor. He discussed the Radiologist's remarks with his Dr. (the neurologist) and they found something at the base of his skull. It has tendrills and is touching his spinal column. It sounds like a tumor. A tumor would mean cancer. This particular tumor would affect his heart, because of where it is. Zach has a murmur as it is so this added stress on his heart could be devastating. Sigh... this poor kid.

As the aunt, I'm so torn between being extremely sad and trying to be very supportive to my brother and sister in law. They need strength around them but when it comes to kids, I just get mushy. He's so young and helpless and it really gets to me. Kids are my soft spot. Plus, Zach is a really special kid. He has this amazing courage and spark in his eye. He fears nothing and is 100% boy. He'll break something and when you ask him if he did it, he says "Yep. It was me!" He's so cute. It breaks my heart that he's so sick.

So, I feel that all I can do is drive down and just be there for their family. Zach is turning 4 on the 13th so we'll celebrate by taking him bowling and get some pizza. Whatever that kid wants to do, I'll do it. I'm so worried that he won't be here for another birthday. That is just awful, isn't it...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I made it through the rain....

I am finally feeling better. I managed to squeak out about 5 miles (4 miles running, quarter mile of walking, and another mile running) of running last night, even though I was still sick and even though I woke up covered in sweat this morning. Everyone at work is suddenly complaining about starting to feel sick, so I guess I have done my job of spreading it to others so that they can enjoy. The sad part is that many went home and I came to work each day I was sick. Wimps.

I watched the Bushmeister give his state of the Union last night and I thought it was a good speech overall. I definitely agree with him on doing something about Social Security, but I am not sure why he has to go to such lengths to make sure gays can never get married. It is funny how we live in a society where 50% of marriages end in divorce and yet conservatives like to talk about protecting the sanctity of marriage. I look at marriage as a contract between two people to dedicate their lives to each other and work through the rough times. If two men or two women have that same goal, I don't get how that should bother people. To me, commitment helps protect the sanctity of marriage and your sexual preference has nothing to do with that. As a society we would frown upon two men dedicating their lives to each other, but we scramble over each other for news on who J-Lo is getting married to this week. I'll take the homosexuals, thank you.

During the speech, when the mother of the soldier who was killed in battle and the Iraqi woman got their jewelry tangled up, I thought of a great joke that The Daily Show could use for that video footage. The scene would play and Jon Stewart could say, "And then, the two embraced in a symbolic representation of America's entanglement with Iraq." Not that I really believe that or anything, but would fit in on the show. Hopefully, we can start shifting power over to the Iraqi peace-keeping forces so we can bring our boys back home.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Double the kids, double the illness

Last week I had to contend with Chloe's stomach thing. This week I have Kieran's cold. I spent the whole day yesterday aching and with a weight on my chest. Then I get home and start getting a fever of 103. I take some Motrin, fall asleep on the couch, and wake up feeling somewhat better. Fever finally went down overnight, but I woke up freezing from being sweaty. I still ache, but I feelmuch better than yesterday. Ashley and Kieran's symptoms lasted for an entire week, but I am optimistic it won't take me that long. Chloe is also sick with the cold, but I don't think she has it as bad as I did last night. She has the runny nose going, which I don't really have.