Friday, April 29, 2005


Just when you think they are well

Why do kids get sick all the time? For Christ's sake. Chloe is back to coughing up a lung and Kieran is finally getting over his strep throat. What a crappy, germy week it has been for all at our "villa".

The girl has been sleeping with Jason and I which isn't the most comfortable of situations. I do have to admit it is funny when she climbs up on Jason at 1am in a last ditch effort to avoid sleep. I don't know if it even wakes him up but it is funny to see a sleepy little girl climbing daddy's back with her eyes 3/4 shut.
On the down side of this sick thing, it sucks to be a human kleenex. I have more snot trails on my shirt from this kid than I have hairs on my head. I also hate forcing the nebulizer to my little girl's mouth. She isn't particularly fond of it and it looks like some sort of homemade crack pipe.

Chloe turns the big ol' 1 next week and I'm just wondering where the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday I was starring at the bottle of castor oil above my refrigerator and wondering how quickly it could send me into labor if I drank it. Ah, the sweet memories of those last few days before my little angel was born. I was so damned anxious to get her outta there. I suppose I just wanted to see that she was okay for myself. Boy is she. Not only is she okay but I think she is the toughest kid I know. When we were in Texas, her grandpa thought her mischievous ways were cute so he'd often say to her "raise hell, girl!" Yup, that is exactly what she plans to do. (I say this while she is trying desperately to bite my toe - again. OUCH!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The boy's teeth

So yesterday I took Kieran to the dentist. His two front top teeth were very loose and he wouldn't let me pull them. We noticed one of the adult teeth coming through the gums above the baby tooth so we decided it might be good to go to the dentist.

Kieran was VERY upset about the whole denitst thing. He was terrified he would be hurt. So they gave him the fun gas but even the mask freaked him out. The dentist spent 10 minutes explaining to him that the mask won't hurt him but he wasn't buying it. 40 minutes later, they got the mask on him, the first shot done and started to wiggle the tooth. He screamed bloody murder so I left the room. I coudn't handle hearing him like that. They gave him a second numbing shot and then pulled the tooth. He screamed again and swore it hurt.

He had another tooth next to the one they pulled that needed to come out because it had an absess. The absess is from an accident he had when he was 4 which killed the baby tooth. It wasn't very loose at all so I was worried. They tried to talk him into letting them pull it but he refused. I decided that we did not want to come back and go through this ordeal again so I shamelessly bribed the child into trying again. I promised him a Star Wars lego toy and a new bike. He agreed and there was much crying but they got it out (of course this was after they gave him yet another numbing shot which he ripped out of his mouth - the dentist was not happy with him).

He was very proud when we left the office almost 2 hours later. They gave him a cool little plastic tooth holder and all sorts of stickers. We went immediately to Wal-Mart and got the lego toy but they were out of his bike. So he took a rain check on the bike with the understanding that he would get Burger King for lunch. Ah the many joys of parenting....

The tooth fairy came later that night:

Friday, April 15, 2005

Oh, and the girl...

She likes feta cheese.

Chugging along

So Jason comes home on Sunday. We're doing fine but we miss him. I've been trying to keep busy to avoid going insane from all the quality time with my children.

Went to a garage sale yesterday and found the coolest toy for Kieran. It was brand new, still in the box for $4. It has been the best investment I've made becaue he voluntariy spent 2 hours outside yesterday playing with it. Here are some pictures:

Then we made s'mores.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Alone again

So Jason left this morning and I'm feeling a little blue. The wind is blowing like crazy outside and there is no sunshine so it is just an icky day.

Kieran is very sweet but is driving me crazy today. He is out of school for yet another teacher's workshop day or something like that. So he's bored out of his gourd and is constantly asking if he can A. play gamecube/ computer or B. eat. If it were nice outside I'd say "get your butt outside" but alas, the weather is awful.

Chloe is napping and there are chores to do but I just can't care right now. The bed will eventually get made and the dishes will get done, sometime later. I just want to complain and feel sorry for myself for a few minutes longer...

I did get to the gym earlier and I'm glad I worked out. I needed to get some negative energy out of me. I feel a little better at least. I burned over 450 calories on the elliptical while I read my book, "My sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult. It is a fabulous book and I highly reccomend it but it is depressing. It is about a teenager's sister who is dying of leukemia and the main character was born to save her, literally. She was genetically engineered. But the main character doesn't want to go through any more transplants or the like anymore. She wants the rights to her own body. Very interesting, very difficult subject matter. I've welled up with tears on the elliptical many times imagining if it were my child with cancer. Ugh... I get a pit in my stomach just thinking about it. To think that I felt so sorry for myself having a child with a minor birth defect like Chloe's. What a gut check. Life could be so much worse, couldn't it.

Hopefully the sun will reappear tomorrow, just so we could take a walk around the block again.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Going to Hell

Funny how life can be play tricks on you. I was talking with my co-worker yesterday about his upcoming trip to Mexico. I mentioned how I was glad it was him and not me because I would hate to go there. He speaks Spanish, so when trips to Central and South America come up, he always goes. Well, the guy he was meeting there scheduled a bunch of appointments outside of the time he was scheduled to be there and instead of doing the smart thing and making the guy clean up his mistake, they elect to send me because the co-worker can't be there during the extended times. So, I leave Monday for Mexico City and will be returning on Sunday, the 17th. I am not pleased.

I have never had any desire to travel to Mexico and I hate the idea of going to a place where you have to make sure you don't get any water in your mouth when you take a shower. Being as germophobic as I am, this is pretty much going to be a nightmare for me. Add the fact that Mexico City is very crime-ridden and I don't speak the language, so if someone tried to mug me, I wouldn't even know what they are saying. Hopefully, I make it back alive.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Running a Marathon

It has been a while since either of us posted. I am just too lazy, but I am not sure what Ashley's excuse is. I started this thinking she would be busy updating it all the time, but I guess not. She was going to post the other day, but got sidetracked and I guess forgot about it. So, bug her about it. Demand pictures of the young ones.

I decided last week that I am going to run in the Twin Cities Marathon on October 2nd of this year. I found an 18-week program online that outlines how to go about building up to that kind of mileage and I decided to go for it. I will begin my training on May 31st. The interesting thing is that the beginning few weeks are actually below what I run now. Also, I will be slowing down my current pace to a 10-minute mile in order to have any hope of getting to 26 miles. What this means is that the first few weeks of the marathon training will be a slight vacation for me since I am used to running farther at faster speeds. In fact, on Saturday I ran 5 miles doing a mile in 7:30. The farthest I had run that fast before was 4 miles.

The way the training works is that you take Monday off, run smaller distances Tuesday through Thursday, have Friday off, run a longer distance on Saturday, and then cross train on Sunday (where you do some exercise besides running). I am still going to try to improve my speed from now until I start the marathon training and I need to find a 5K race to go run in soon, so I can see what an actual race is like.

Star Wars fever is starting to rise around the Barr household. The new toys came out and I bought Kieran a few action figures. I also got him the Lego Star Wars game and he has enjoyed playing that. We watched the new Clone Wars cartoon together and watched Return of the Jedi. He has been running around the house humming the Imperial March, so I think he is set. I took him to see Episode II when he was 3, but I doubt he really remembers it. I think this movie will stick with him more since he is older and he should have a great time.

I took Kieran and Chloe to the park right by our house yesterday and let Chloe sit in the grass while Kieran and I kicked the soccer ball around. Chloe had a blast watching the ball and tearing the grass out of the ground. She tried to eat some, of course, but I think I did an admirable job of stopping her. She is lucky she is so darned cute....