Friday, March 31, 2006


Toddler bed

Our saga continues.

As I was saying, discipline is an issue for us. It seems like all I had to do with Kieran was raise an eyebrow in just the right way and he would respond. The kid has a healthy, natural fear of his parents. Not so different from his mother's healthy, natural fear of bears. Chloe.... not so much. She just stares at me. Even better, today she giggled at me.

Our battle as of late: Sleep (or lack thereof). About 8 days ago, Chloe was having major sleep issues and screamed every single time she would lie down. So I took her to the Dr. and she had a killer ear infection. During the first couple of days of her antibiotic, I allowed her to sleep with us since she feels bad (I always let her sleep with me when she is sick, it is the only way we get any sleep). We are almost done with the 10 day course of antibiotics but she still wants to sleep with me. I assume her pain is minimal if at all, I dose the child with Tylenol and Ibuprofen regularly. Yet still she screams when I put her to bed. I tried putting the playpen in our room so she could sleep next to me but nope, that's not good enough. Yesterday at naptime she climbed out of it! What amazing arm strength. So then I decided that the crib is her punishment and I put in it. She screams as if I am ripping her arms off as I put her in it. 3 minutes later the screaming stops and she is in the living room with only her shirt on. She hands me her pants and the diaper is nowhere to be found. I was relieved that it was not a poopie diaper. I was so angry with her that I did exactly what I had decided NOT to do and I popped her little behind. She had climbed out of the crib and that just is not safe. Plus the darned kid beat me at my own game.

I put her on her brother's bed to put a diaper and pants back on her and she ended up falling asleep there, without crying. She just turned over and went to sleep. So a lightbulb turns on in my head. We need to take down the crib and buy a toddler bed. She can't stand to be confined! That is the problem. She is my little wild bird. My hopes are high and I went to Wal-Mart and found an adorable little white, wooden bed.

It didn't work so well. I gave up on her last night at about 10:45. I fell asleep in my bed and she was in the living room with dad watching him play a video game. She fell asleep on the couch and he put her in her new bed. She cried at 5am and came in to our bed. We woke up with Chloe's feet next to us - her head was down near our feet. Apparently she needed the extra arm room.

Now it is 2pm, naptime. So as I type this she is in her room (supposed to be napping) playing. I watched her for a long time and reminded her to get back in her bed. Here's the clencher, she would lie there, smiling, and slowly push her little foot over to the edge of the bed as if she was trying to get up. I would say her name sternly and she would jerk it back and laugh. Oh my God. What am I going to do with this child?

I have fought her from day one about our sleep issues and I can see that this isn't going to end soon.


I took a photo of Chloe yesterday that totally fits the last blog. Does this kid look guilty or what??

Sunday, March 26, 2006

To be two again

I love my daughter. I love my son. They are my greatest masterpieces. I have the opportunity to show them the world as I see it. I teach them to live life and to appreciate all that they have. My goal has been to support and love them and make them loving, gentle humans who appreciate all of the wonderful little things that the world has to offer. This is a responsibilty that I don't take lightly.

That being said, I have hit a major bump in the road as a mother. I am truly struggling, on a daily basis with my daughter. I love her so much it hurts but no one can make me as frustrated as she does. I know that being 2 is rough. You have wants but you don't have the language to express them. You have surges of energy and fury and no proper way to release them. Adults are always telling you "no" and that just has to suck. BUT, my sweet little girl has a very difficult time with any type of discipline. Whether it be redirection, gentle words, pure anger and even spanking, nothing works with my child. She has one guiding light in her life and that is her will. It is all she listens to. As her mother, this is exhausting.

You may laugh and think oh, she is strong willed and boy that is a great quality later in life. My reply, "if she makes it to 'later in life' ". Seriously. I just found the kid in the street on her way to find her brother. She just walked right out the front door while I was putting her shoes away. In 5 seconds, she made it 50 feet away and into the street. This is the second time I've found her outside. About 2 weeks ago, the entire family was home and as I was helping my son hang up his coat, Chloe snuck out and had crossed the street. The 5 year old neighbor found her and was walking her home when I ran outside, hysterically searching for my daughter. Obviously, we need to put some sort of lock or latch that she cannot open on our front door. I imagine she'll figure out how to open that too though. She can open just about any door now.

She is a sensory child. She needs to touch, feel, taste just about everything. How do I know this? Well, I don't really. I assume this is true because it the only explanation I have on why she insists on picking at her dirty diapers. She will hide, poop, then pick, pick away. She'll finally get grossed out and run to me with a finger full of poop and say "Mommy! Yucky!" The need to pick is overwhelming though because this has not stopped and happens several times a day. We've tried all sorts of discipline and still, she picks.

I've got more stories but now she is throwing yet another tantrum so I need to go. Please send me some patience, mine is running thin.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My birthday present

For my 32nd birthday, I got this wonderful portrait as a gift from my family. I just love it! It only could've been better if ms. thang had decided to nap that day and perhaps we could have gotten a real smile - but I digress. What a wonderful portrait! I'm so happy with it.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fat Tuesday

The Barr Family hosted a little Mardi Gras shindig last night here at the Clubhouse of our townhome complex. I think it was a success, there was lots of eating, laughing and aimless running around by the kiddos. We even had the masks, beads and goofy headwear. My only regret is that I pulled out the camera very late in the evening after most of the guests had left. Sorry everyone! At least I got a few shots.

Enjoy the pix.

Here's Kieran making some sort of weapon out of tinker toys.

Eric looking very scary in this mask.

Chloe looks so cute in her derby.

Rilie, Anna and Kieran are ready for a parade.

Steph and I keeping our shirts on. You are welcome, world.

The Schutrop family discovers Southerners are actually very odd.

Steph, Eric & Alicia admiring Eric's glory day photos.

The two dorks, Jason and Eric.