Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mineopa State Park

We headed to Southern Minnesota yesterday for a short hike in Mineopa State park. Mineopa is from the Dakota Indian language and means "water falling twice," referring to the beautiful waterfalls. The waterfalls were gorgeous and the little park is very charming.

As gorgeous as the surroundings are here in Minnesota, my favorite subject to photograph is (as always) my kids. Chloe is a true challenge because she will rarely look at the camera. Smiling at the camera is incredibly rare so I was very glad to get the following photographs. They really show her adorable personality.

From insects to unique rock formations, we found all sorts of treasure while we were there. I've never seen a black dragonfly before yesterday. One of the dragonflies we saw had the most electric blue colored body I've ever seen in nature. It was amazing.

We even went to the historic cemetary across the street and saw what I can only describe as the most unique and inexpensive headstone I've ever seen.

This is an old flour mill called the Seppman mill. It has been restored since a tornado hit it in 1890 but is non functional. It was pretty cool to check out.