Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Baseball season is back

Sure, the baseball season is new, but I just had to get out to the old ballpark. This time I was in San Francisco, so caught a Giants game at AT&T Park. The ballpark is only a few years old, so it is probably the nicest I have been to. Out in left field there is a giant Coke bottle sculpture as well as a huge baseball glove one. It almost looks like they are pouring Coke into the glove. Anyway, it turns out there are slides inside this giant Coke bottle for kids to play on. They also have a little mini version of the ballpark that kids can go into and play in.

I got $20 bucks out at the ATM to cover parking thinking that was well enough. Got to the ballpark and they wanted $30. I wasn't paying it, so I drove away from the stadium and found a place to park on the street for free. Sure it was a long walk, but I beat the system. Then, I got into line to get my ticket to the game. I was standing there and one of the staff at the park asked if anyone was by themselves for the game. I said I was and she gave me a free ticket.

The seat was in the upper deck, but it was directly behind home plate. It also had an incredible view of the Bay since the park is basically only ground level out in the outfield. I also got a chance to meet the person who donated the ticket as he was sitting only a few seats away. He had gotten a few tickets for free and wanted to pass the favor on. I bought some of the famous garlic fries they serve at the park (fries with minced garlic, parsley, and butter poured all over the fries) and my night was complete as I watched the Giants win 3-2 on a home run in the bottom of the 11th.

Here's a picture of what the park looks like (not taken by me). This would be taken from a point to the right of where I was sitting, but probably at about the same level. Notice the Coke bottle out in left field. You can click on the picture to enlarge it: